Friday, August 26, 2011

A little cutie in the park.

     Yesterday was a beautiful day.   It was much cooler then it has been with low humidity and I nice partly cloudy sky.  Perfect for outdoor photos.  I had a little girl on the schedule for an outdoor sitting, and I was a bit worried.  You see...she is a TINY little infant.  At that age, they just don't "pose" for photos.  I took a couple of baskets and blankets with me to the sitting and her parents brought a basket also.  In this photo, I used my sheepskin as a blanket for her, but I turned it upside down so the "fuzz" of it wouldn't be in her face.  I put it in the basket her mom brought.  Through most of the sitting she was wide-eyed, alert and looking around, but I caught this one where it looks just like she is sleeping.   I love it.

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