Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Experimental studio

In the back of our main studio is a smaller studio that we use, mostly, for business and yearbook headshots. With the Jeff Yearbook contract, it is nice for us to have a separate space to do the headshots. I am also using the space as an experimental studio to try out new, creative background ideas. I am tying to find those unusual things that will make a great photo, but were not designed to be used as such. Yesterday I made a cool image from a different idea. I covered the corner and floor with newspaper and it came out awesome. Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Women's Volleyball!

I have always thought that volleyball is one of the most difficult sports to photography. You have to keep both eyes open so you can tell who the ball is going to go to and the other eye through the camera. Tough. I haven't photographed volleyball in almost 15 years, but I did so last night and did a pretty good job, I think. Here are a few good ones.

Remember....all the photos from Jeff Sports and Events can be viewed through our website. Look at my last blog post for instructions!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lafayette Jeff Photos ONLINE!

As I said in my last post...all of the Lafayette Jefferson sports and events that we photograph for "The Nautilus" will be available for viewing and purchase online. You can follow this link:
Ailor Photography Online Ordering
Or you can go to and follow the links for Online Proofing. The passwork for all Lafayette Jeff sports and events will be "jeffphotos". Please give us 48 hours after each event to get the photos online. We will be photographing 1 game or match for each varsity sport. (We often shoot a little of the JV also so you can check those out also). We will also be photographing many theater, choir and band events throughout the year. All the photos will be posted on our site. If you have any question...please email us or give us a call.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let the SPORTS BEGIN!!!!!!

Now that the school season is up and running it is time for SPORTS! Yeay!!! Since this year we are handling the Lafayette Jeff Yearbook contract, we will be photographing all of the varsity sports and events. My sports shooting kicked off last night with boys varsity soccer (one of my favorite sports!). I haven't photographed sports action in quite a while so I was a little worried, but I got some great photos in the end. Here are a few!

All of the photos we take at the Jeff events will be available on our website for viewing and purchase. Just go to and follow the links for "online proofing". find the event you are looking for. When prompted enter the password "jeffphotos", and you can view all the best photos from the event and order any copies you would like. Please help us in spreading the word that the photos will be available online. Tell any parents or students who might like to have some action photos of themselves or thier children.
Next....look for girls volleyball, football, and girls golf!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just a quick note about a COOL photo.

Well, The last rain we had just happened to be on the day of Williams outdoor sitting. It poured so we didn't get to do the photos that day....We DID get to do them today. He had brought a "stand-up base" with him for his studio photos and even then I was dying to take it outdoors. Luckily for us, today worked out and Will got some cool photos. Here is one of my favorites.
It was "Guerrilla" style photography.....Run out into the street....snap...and get out before you are run down by someone. Will....I hope you like them.....I think this one is really cool.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Wow! Have we been busy lately. School is just right around the corner and we are trying to get as many seniors in before the time crunch as we possibly can. We still take as much time with each sitting....I just don't have any breaks during the day. We have had some fun lately (as usual). Recently I was asked to do some Aerial photos of some property around the new St. E. Hospital and that was a blast. I haven't been up in a small plane for MANY years so this was a great experience. We went up and flew around for about 40 minutes or all our photos and headed back. I will say that the combination of small plane, turbulence, and image-stabilizing lenses is a recipe for air sickness. I didn't actually get sick, but my head was seriously unsteady when we landed. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!
Here is a photo of the new hospital and property. As always...we are photographing seniors also. The deadline for the Lafayette Jefferson yearbook photos is coming up quickly. If you haven't booked your appointment...CALL TODAY!!!! Here is a photo from this week that I really liked. It was a beautiful day before all this heat kicked in.
Now that everyone is getting back to school in the next week or so, we will have a lot of new things going on. We will be photographing all of the Lafayette Jeff varsity sports and events and those photos will be available online. Keep your eyes open to find out how to view and order action photos!