Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Closer...

Thanks to my neice and her fiance for coming down this weekend to help on the new studio. Also my sister, and brother-in-law for the same. We were able to tear down the final wall and rip up all the old carpet. What a mess! After that, Wendi (my wife) and I came back down and did a little painting. The whole project is really beginning to look great. I can't wait to have customers coming in to see the new space.
Hooray for new carpet!!!! Yeay. This moring the installers came to put in the new carpet. In these old buildings, the floors are a bit rough, but they did a good job and it all is looking great.

Today, I will start taking some of my backgrounds and stuff up to the new place. I have a lot of them to move. I also still have some painting to do a well as a TON of cleaning.
Also thanks to the Lafayette Journal and Courier for such a nice article on the business moving. Here is the link to the story.
Anway, a few more days to go intil we are opening. I can't wait to see you all there!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Expansion takes effort

Well, I am still working on expanding the business and getting the new location ready to go. Over the weekend I took down a couple of walls in the new space. We are trying to get it ready for the new carpet which comes on Monday. After that, I have a few walls to build....a lot of backgrounds to move...the rest of the business stuff to move and we will be ready to go! Okay, it's a lot, I know, but we will get there.

Also over the weekend, we had a story done about us on TV18. Laura Kirtley came down and interviewed me about the move and did a nice story on us. I think they are happy to do a story about a business expanding in this bad economy. Most of their stories lately, have been about businesses downsizing or closing. We also have the Journal and Courier coming this morning to do a story. Look for it in the Sunday edition!

Anyway, it is only a short time away before we will be opening the new studio so I need to get to work and stop spending time blogging. See you at the new place!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Working on the big move....

Well, we are plugging away at getting ready for the big move. We will still be doing sittings throughout most of the move. The last few days in January will be the only ones where we won't take appointments so don't let any of this worry you.
I have been doing a little painting, electrical and destruction to the new space. I have to take out 3 walls and build 2 new ones. We are also waiting on new carpet. Yesterday I picked up the new sign for out front and it looks great. A big plug to "Sign Art" on 26 near international health club. They did a great job and did it very fast. I can't wait to hang it up. I also got the new display prints for the front window. We have always had a lot of problems (at our current location) with people driving right by and not seeing us. At the new place we will have 30x40 prints in each window so we will be hard to miss.
Mostly, things are going to plan. I am calling in some favors to get some of the work done, but we will be ready to open on February 3rd, just as we planned. We will be announcing an open house soon, so keep your eyes out for that and stop by and check the new place out.
I can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here is a special NEWS FLASH! In order to initiate our new studio and get used to working in the larger space we will be offering NO SITTING FEES for all appointments on February 5th, 6th and 7th! Call now to get your appointment as spaces are limited. Our new space will allow us a lot more variety and style to your portrait sitting. Hurry today to make your appointment!


If you haven't heard already....Ailor Photography is MOVING to a larger location. Luckily for us, and most of our customers, we are only moving about 5 doors up Main Street to 1010 Main St. (Right next door to Kdees coffee). We have been looking for a larger studio space for quite some time and we finally found a site that will work. Formerly Ross Fine Art and Gallery, the space is perfect for a photo studio. It is a large open space with high ceilings with a great location on the upper end of Main St.

We have been working hard to get things ready for the new studio. We don't want it to just be bigger, but also BETTER. It will take a little time, but we want to have the classiest, nicest, most friendly studio in the area. Even with all of this, our prices will stay exactly where they are...some of the lowest in town. We have already ordered new signage to make the location easier to find, and new sample photos to show our work. Keep checking back here for updates!!