Monday, August 8, 2011

Fashion shoot with Devoid and Deveil

   Once again I got the chance to work with Fashion Designer Chris Corillo on some photos of some designs.  This shoot was to feature his designs with a contemporary masquerade mask by Effigy Masks.  We had originally planned to work out on location, but decided that the heat would not work well with the make-up, hair and designs.  So we worked exclusively in the studio on a "Green Screen".  This really gives me the freedom to do what I want. I can create backgrounds, drop in real life backgrounds or whatever is necessary to get the look I want.  Chris gave me complete creative freedom and I thank him for his trust. 
     We got a lot of great shots, this is just one of the first ones I grabbed today to work with. 

We hadn't planned on photographing them together, but I talked them into it and I'm glad I did.  This one is going to be a favorite. 

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