Monday, March 30, 2009


Ailor Photography has just been made the official senior portrait photographer for Lafayette Jefferson high school. We will be bringing our high quality and reasonable prices to create images of all the graduating seniors.
Sometime in May we will be sending out a flyer and appointment schedule to all the 2010 seniors to give them all the information they need. We know that may students and parents do not like being told "where" they have to have thier senior portraits taken. Ailor Photography believes that with our quality and prices we can create portraits that everyone will be thrilled with. We plan to be a large "step up" from what you have had in the past.
If you have any questions about Jeff senior portraits, please give us a call or drop us an email. We will glady help you in any way we can.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Expanding even more!!!

Okay...this one really isn't expanding, but it is making better use of our space and giving us a second camera room. In the new studio we had a back room that has a restroom, a large dressing room and two other rooms that we didn't have much use for. They have been filled up with the old tenants stuff for the last month. However, now he has his stuff out, we tore down a couple of walls and have begun making the area into "Studio B".
In this space I have a few ideas. As you can see we are making it a high key (white) background. However it doesn't end there. We are going to use this space as an "experimental" background area. I am wanting to create some backgrounds with that "retro", "High Fashion" look. Something with a little style and attitude. Keep checking this blog to see how the space developes.

Right now we are just doing some construction and a little painting and organizing. In the end we will have camera room space totalling over 1300 sq.ft! Give us a call or stop by anytime to check out our new studio. We would love to give you a tour.

Friday, March 13, 2009

An unusual say the least!

In my last blog entry I mentioned that we had a British television crew coming in with a couple to tape them getting a portrait taken. They mentioned that the couple would be bringing thier dogs for the photo. That isn't a problem with us since I love dogs and have no problem with people bringer in their pets. This was a little different though. The couple had 1 big dog (a pitbull), 1 HUGE dog ( an English mastiff) and ....A MONKEY! That's right...a monkey. It was really cute.
It was kinda strange to be pointing the camera at someone while simultaneously having someone point a camera at you. They are going to keep on touch with me about the program and I will try and link to some video on thier website. Also my friends in England Ian and Shiv and Siobhan and Dean...keep an eye out for me on Channel 4.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is spring finally here?

Oh the weather this week really has me ready to head outside and do some location photography. I am a lover of winter and snow, but even I have had my fill and am ready for a warm up. Last week was just a tease. I am really looking forward to the spring so we can get back to our outdoor photography. I know we have a lot of clients just waiting in the wings for the good weather and hopefully it is just around the corner.
This past week we had quite a few sittings and a good variety. We had children, couples, familes and of course seniors. Here are a couple of cool shots from some senior guys.

This upcoming week should also be an interesting one. On Thursday we will be a part of a British television program. I am not sure about all the details of the program, but I know that a family is coming in for a photo with their dogs and that it will all be filmed by a television crew and end up on Channel 4 in Great Britain. Pretty cool. I hope that my friends in Birmingham and Manchester get a chance to see me in action. Siobhan and Ian...keep your eyes open.