Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is spring finally here?

Oh the weather this week really has me ready to head outside and do some location photography. I am a lover of winter and snow, but even I have had my fill and am ready for a warm up. Last week was just a tease. I am really looking forward to the spring so we can get back to our outdoor photography. I know we have a lot of clients just waiting in the wings for the good weather and hopefully it is just around the corner.
This past week we had quite a few sittings and a good variety. We had children, couples, familes and of course seniors. Here are a couple of cool shots from some senior guys.

This upcoming week should also be an interesting one. On Thursday we will be a part of a British television program. I am not sure about all the details of the program, but I know that a family is coming in for a photo with their dogs and that it will all be filmed by a television crew and end up on Channel 4 in Great Britain. Pretty cool. I hope that my friends in Birmingham and Manchester get a chance to see me in action. Siobhan and Ian...keep your eyes open.

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