Friday, March 13, 2009

An unusual say the least!

In my last blog entry I mentioned that we had a British television crew coming in with a couple to tape them getting a portrait taken. They mentioned that the couple would be bringing thier dogs for the photo. That isn't a problem with us since I love dogs and have no problem with people bringer in their pets. This was a little different though. The couple had 1 big dog (a pitbull), 1 HUGE dog ( an English mastiff) and ....A MONKEY! That's right...a monkey. It was really cute.
It was kinda strange to be pointing the camera at someone while simultaneously having someone point a camera at you. They are going to keep on touch with me about the program and I will try and link to some video on thier website. Also my friends in England Ian and Shiv and Siobhan and Dean...keep an eye out for me on Channel 4.

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