Thursday, July 21, 2011

Isn't she ADORABLE!!!!

    First of all let me say that "we love new customers'.  We like to think that once someone comes to us for photos they will never look for another photographer again.  Once they see the quality of our photographs and our prices...they will be back. 
    That being said, I had a really nice family in last week to have their little girl photographed by us for the first time.  Mom had some really fantastic ideas for outfits.  My favorite one was a little "tutu" with no shirt and a giant bow in her hair.  It was an outfit that was so "over the top" that I knew it would photograph great.  The little girl had such amazing eyes that I wanted to really make those stand out also.  I chose to use my softbox very close in and at a very low power in order to get her eyes to really stand out and to make the background go out of focus.  It worked perfectly in this pose because the little tutu flared up behind her and gave just a touch of color in the background.  Isn't she adorable! 

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