Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and the busy season begins!!!!

Our busiest season for taking photos is usually in mid to late summer. The last two weeks have definitely been the start of the busy season. We are booking up VERY quickly with seniors and other portraits. With our new studio we are hoping to "return to our roots", so to speak, by photographing a lot more kids and families. This type of portrait used to be a large part of our work, but has tapered off over the years as we invested more time into senior portraits. I really love photographing seniors, but families (and especially) kids can really be rewarding. The kids can be so cute and so much fun.
Over the last month or so we have had quite a few family and children sittings. Here is one of my favorite photos from all of those. Isn't she just too cute?
Of course we have begun the busy senior season and we are really enjoying that also. We have so many cool things we can do in the new studio. This was a fun photo from today.

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