Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks for a great first week!!!!

First I would like to extend my many thanks to all my sittings during this first week at the new location. Your patience as I worked to remember where everything is was very helpful. We got some great photos this week.

The new studio works as well as I could ever have hoped. The space is large, but still warm and inviting. Everyone loved the large dressing room! The hardest part about the change was working with lights on stands. In my former studio, I had a track lighting system that kept the lights and cords up off the floor. The drawback about that system was that it was very limiting on how I could arrange my lighting. I decided that in the new studio I wanted all the versatility I could get so the lights went back on stands with cords to get twisted. It wasn't too bad really, I just had to "reset" after each sitting.
Anway, I had a great week and we are looking forward to many many great sittings in the future. Thank you again to all first customers and a special thank you to Jerry at Kdees coffee for supplying my opening weekend with the coffee to keep us going.

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