Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Expansion takes effort

Well, I am still working on expanding the business and getting the new location ready to go. Over the weekend I took down a couple of walls in the new space. We are trying to get it ready for the new carpet which comes on Monday. After that, I have a few walls to build....a lot of backgrounds to move...the rest of the business stuff to move and we will be ready to go! Okay, it's a lot, I know, but we will get there.

Also over the weekend, we had a story done about us on TV18. Laura Kirtley came down and interviewed me about the move and did a nice story on us. I think they are happy to do a story about a business expanding in this bad economy. Most of their stories lately, have been about businesses downsizing or closing. We also have the Journal and Courier coming this morning to do a story. Look for it in the Sunday edition!

Anyway, it is only a short time away before we will be opening the new studio so I need to get to work and stop spending time blogging. See you at the new place!

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