Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not about photography...but still part of my business passions.

     I have mentioned on this blog many times that I am an adoptive parent.  Ok...admitted...my son's photos have been featured on here A LOT!  I can't help it, he's just too cute.  Anyway, our son was adopted from Ethiopia in 2010.  We were constantly looking for children's books etc. that were about adoption, or multiracial families etc. that would allow Simon to see that there are other kids out there like him.  There were lots of books that were "generically" about adoption or so specific that they didn't match Simon's situation.  So what did I decide to do???  Write my own.  I am a decent artist, but my writing skills are marginal at best.  Luckily, I had my wife and friends there to help use put together a children's book that is about Ethiopian adoption.  It is called "Binyam's Big Trip".

   We self-published the book and it is now available for sale!  Just follow this link to find out more:
Binyam's Big Trip
    It was a fun project and I am thinking that I have one or two more stories in me.  Hopefully, other families of adopted children will find this book as a way to start conversations with their children about their personal stories.

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